Anil Mane

  • Energy Systems, Argonne National Laboratory

Anil Mane is a Principle Material Science Engineer at US DOE Argonne National Laboratory, and has 14+ years of extensive research and development experience in the field of thin film nanostructure materials growth by ALD, CVD, PVD and MBE methods, characterization, and integration into nano-devices. He also has over 5 years of semiconductor industry R&D experience in thin film process development on high volume 300mm CVD and ALD production tools and material integration. He has over 40 peer-reviewed publications, more than 10 patents, 20-plus inventions and three R&D100 awards (known as the “Oscar of Innovation”). His current research interests are:


  • Research and development of next-generation technologically feasible nanostructure materials design, creation and engineering, especially by ALD/CVD techniques.
  • In-situ materials growth study, focus on surface/interface chemistry, thorough materials and test devices characterizations and search for near-term emerging applications
  • Identification of new nanotechnology based products, development from concept research to scale-up and technology commercialization
Anil Mane