Seth W. Snyder

Senior Fellow

  • Energy Engineering and Systems Analysis, Argonne National Laboratory
  • Chemical and Biological Engineering and Mechanical Engineering, Northwestern University

Seth W. Snyder is the leader of a new water initiative at Argonne National Laboratory. He served as Argonne’s Bioenergy Technology Manager and the leader of Process Technology Research. He is a senior fellow in the University of Chicago’s Energy Policy Institute at Chicago. He has developed and worked on leading technology and engineering in renewable energy, water, and energy efficiency. His work has resulted in 3 R&D 100 Awards and an FLC Award for Excellence in Technology Transfer. He has published over fifty papers, has sixteen patents, and has had his work presented at over ninety conferences over the past decade.

Seth serves on the advisory board for several academic and non-profit energy and sustainability centers. He is the former President of the Council for Chemical Research. He teaches a graduate level course in energy at Northwestern University’s Engineering School and a course on water at the University of Chicago’s Harris School of Public Policy. Seth is an early morning jazz DJ at Northwestern University’s WNUR radio. Seth grew up in NYC, has an undergraduate degree from the University of Pennsylvania in Chemistry and Environmental Studies and an M.S. in Physical Chemistry and a Ph.D. in Biophysics from the University of Virginia.

Seth W. Snyder