Undergraduates and Graduate Students are Welcome

Argonne is a unique venue for experiential learning and welcomes undergraduates. For more information please visit the Argonne Undergraduate Programs page.

Supervision of graduate students by Argonne and Northwestern investigators is now routine, allowing graduate students to experience the cultures of a national laboratory and academe.

  • Arrangements for joint supervision of all students will be facilitated by the Institute.
  • All students can live in Evanston and easily commute to Argonne by prearranged carpool service.
  • See Argonne’s Visitor Information page for directions to the lab

Graduate Student Appointment Process

Northwestern students have 2 methods of being appointed by Argonne National Lab (ANL), either through ANL’s lab grad program or through their guest grad program.  ANL has recently updated their graduate program page, so please refer to for more information on how to apply for your specific designation as outlined below.

Lab Grads

  • Eligible for all US citizens seeking to acquire an external fellowship from ANL.
  • ANL pays student’s stipend and tuition directly.

Guest Grads with Argonne Funding

  • All other students seeking ANL support must be processed as a “Guest Grad” via subcontract with ANL.  This typically covers international students and those receiving a research stipend from ANL.
  • Be sure to consult your department research head and/or faculty advisor to assist you with the application process.

Guest Grads without Argonne Funding

  • If you will not be seeking funding from ANL, you must follow instructions as listed under “Guest Grads” and take note of any special addendum as to declaring alternate sources of funding.



naise-carpoolThe Northwestern-Argonne Carpool is a user-run service that travels daily between the Northwestern Evanston Campus and the Argonne National Lab Campus.

Students, professors and researchers affiliated with Northwestern are encouraged to take advantage of this carpool, which is fully funded by the Northwestern University Office for Research.


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